Erykah Chanel has been a freelancer & entrepreneur for almost 10 years now. With no real guidance for herself and just being thrown in to figure things out for herself, Chanel wanted to changes the tables and become an accountability partner as she felt that if she had one when she got started she would had been well on her way faster. 


This is for entrepreneurs who are just getting started in different aspects of business . Erykah Chanel can help in the following areas, yet not limited to them either. 

What I can provide & offer?

Advise- on different topics

Social Media Scheduling- Let's figure it out together and then execute the plan!

Graphic- If needed I can provide that service for an additional discounted fee

Research- I provide research on topics of your needs, things to help motivate you ect

Check in (weekly follow up/reminders) - This will be done either phone or email possibly both 

Goal Setting- Figure out the needs, create goals and a plan of action to achieve them in a timely manner. 


Why would anyone need an accountability partner one might ask right? Well with the stress of day to day life and trying to wear multiple hats ( Mom/dad, cleaner, cook, work 9-5 & then make time for your dreams and goals) it truly gets hard without the right support. An accountability partner is a great solution as it allows you to have someone else to speak with who's been in your shoes. This person will listen, advise, and be your venting system and support overall.

What is an accountability Partner?

Some one you can talk to about your dreams and goals in which they will help you stay on track, provide advice and guidance to you on this journey. We all know how distracted life can be so this person will help you keep reaching and working towards your ultimate goal to help make it a reality. 


How it works?

We would set up a 30-45 min free consultation session via phone, video chat, & or in person to determine if I am the right person to help you on your journey. How you work if that is working for you and what we need to change to get you getting more things done!

Once we determine I am a great fit, we would then figure out a game plan (wants vs needs) and determine what the short term and long terms goals are.

Based upon client needs there will be weekly and or monthly phone check ins.

Video feedback for critique's personally for you.

Emailing (providing answers to questions and research info)


Price will vary based upon individual needs, but can start as low as $49.99 a month. 

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